For a small percentage of people, hearing colours is an actual perception. It is called Chromesthesia which is a form of Synesthesia.

When it comes to enjoying the Christmas holidays everyone loves a good bit of laughter and a bit of fun. In comes a pantomine show.

Fireworks are used as a focal point during a large celebration such as cultural or religious events and celebrating the New Year.

When it comes to trying your first NHS hearing aid or changing to an NHS hearing aid there are a lot of questions that come to mind.

Getting a hot ear can be more than just superstition, it could be associated to your health and well being.

Having recently got the xFyro xS2 waterproof bluetooth earbuds, we had planned to use them for a number of applications and scenarios and we

Keeping your baby clean becomes a frequent activity with your new family member. From nappy changing, to food going everywhere to bath time.

An Electronic hearing aid dryer can provide a number of helpful applications that saves you time with hearing aid care and maintenence.

This year it looks like summer has indeed arrived and we are within one of the most extended heat waves to hit the UK in history.

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The simplest type of eardrop is ordinary olive oil