White Noise Brings Calmess

White noise is a combination of sounds made from all frequencies we can hear produced together. Similar to how we see the colour white, this is a colour made up of all different colours of light combined together, this where white noise gets its label. 

A white noise although has a scale of frequencies has a constant amplification throughout and is often only thought of as an artificial sound.  A good example is the static heard on the radio.

It is often used to set up equalisation at the beginning of a live music performance. It is also used in producing electronic music. It however doesn't have to be an artificial sound.

In a number of instances, nature produces its own kind of white noise, yet it can not be deemed white noise fully due to the frequency range and lack of constant production level. However natural sounding white noise can come in the form of wind noise, a water fall, rain or a roaring fire. If you have ever wondered why natural sounds seem to be particularly good at distracting the mind it is not just down to the ambience and nature smells and images that provokes the senses but the particular white noise sound often produced. 

How Can White Noise Help

The production of so many sounds all at once has the ability to block out unwanted noises and sounds and give us the ability to concentrate or focus on an activity or our daily life without being distracted. White noise generators can be used via a phone app, computer or noise generator, check below for some white noise examples.

We look at a number of reasons why white noise is beneficial in bringing calmness and concentration.  


Own Internal Monologue 

White noise helps to block out our own internal monologue, this essentially is our own thinking voice we hear. With busy lives comes a busy mind filled with all sorts of daily tasks, silly things, worried thoughts, anxieties, important dates and times and this is only naming a few. We can fill our minds with anything and sometimes this really gets in the way. A busy mind can lead to lots of procrastination rather than be able to do what we actually need to do.

There a techniques such as mindful meditiation which can help to empty your thoughts however this does take time and practice to get this right. An alternative method to this can be to distract your mind in a way that does not send your thoughts elsewhere. Going for a walk into nature can be a great way to distract your mind from anxiety and troubles. Letting nature blow away thoughts. However sometimes this isn't possible to do either. White noise has the ability to eliminate thoughts. It can do this by not giving you a sound to focus on as there are so many sounds being produced. It essentially becomes a "background noise" similar at restuarants and parties where you cannot focus on the sound being heard. As well as being background noise it invade your mind in a way that will overide your ability to think. 

Work &  Study

There are days where you have to sit at your computer and literally get studying or working. Instead of your mind chatting away, its more a case of getting your mind focused and having no other distactions around you. Whitenoise allows you to focus. It gives you a stable, constant environment for your brain to function in.

Once your underway working or studying, the white noise can become almost invisible to your mind so that you can keep working.This is why using music as a background noise for studying is mood improvingly great but can be too distracting to get your work done. Some white noise generators also sound similar to noises that we have grown used to working in and this is while you will find many coffee shop sound generators and office air conditioners on services like Youtube and Spotify.


Tinnitus is the name given to sounds produced without an external source. White noise has long been used in tinnitus rehabilitation as a tinnitus masker. Many products are out there as tinnitus sound maskers, from sound noise generators you can have in your home to ones you can use incorporated in your pillow to help you sleep through your tinnitus.  A tinnitus masker being a small device that sits inside the ear producing a white noise sound that distracts the brain from the tinnitus.

Many hearing aids now incorporate the ability to produce soothing sounds to help mask tinnitus.  There have also been many devices made available over the years. If you find white noise helps, the volume of the white noise can be reduced over time to similarily reduce the level of your tinnitus.


We have left sleep as the last topic because it combines whats been mentioned in previous topics. Getting to sleep can be difficult due to your brain. This could be down to your internal monologue, tinnitus or just not being able to switch off. White noise provides a soothing constant sound that can help send you off to sleep.  White noise generators and apps can be programmed to work for just the first few hours of sleep, to continue through the night or with a sleep timer. 

Using white noise for sleep is common, especially for babies. Some babies who seem to fall asleep quicker when its noisy than in a quiet environment may find white noise much more effective in going to sleep than babies that prefer the quiet. A white noise generator can also help out other siblings being noiser or work you have to do while they are sleeping. One of the downsides to introducing this to your baby is that they may start to depend on this noise to go to sleep, if this happens you can simply wean them of by slowly lower the white noise level. You also have to be careful at what volume you have the white noise at. 


White noise can help some people but not all, everyone is different. It is not a cure for tinnitus, insomnia or a busy life, but it is an aid to help those who need calmness in their life.

Quick Tips

Each hearing aid always comes with a user guide, if you have lost your user guide check out our user guide section to download it.