If you suspect you may have hearing loss, taking the first steps to addressing it has the ability to brighten up the loved one in your life's day and if you go on to have a hear

Looking for a hearing related question to pop into a pub quiz you are planning?

Hearing aid batteries are a fundamental part of being a hearing aid user.

Are you having difficulties hearing what is bein said on the TV? When your family visit, do they ever mention that the TV is really loud?

When you are stressed it can affect your whole body in some shape or form, even your ears.

Hyperacusis involves an increased sensitivity to everyday environmental sounds that would normally be tolerable to most people.

When it comes to going out for a lovely winter walk, many people find the first thing that become extremely cold are the ears, well why is that?

Whether you have an NHS hearing aid or private aid. Cleaning your hearing aid is an important factor in its overal maintienece and longetvity.

At the airport you should be able to access a loop system, public text or amplified phones. As someone who is deaf or hard of hearing when checking in it is a good idea to tell

Having an allergic reaction to something such as peanuts, dust, or pollen, particularly at this time of year will mean your body's immune system can go into overdrive causing sn

Quick Tips

Your hearing aid will need regular servicing generally every 6 months by your hearing care professional.