Hearing Aid Care During A Heat Wave

This year it looks like summer has indeed arrived and we are within one of the most extended heat waves to hit the UK in history. As a hearing aid user it is essential your hearing aid has a little extra TLC in this weather to keep it performing at its best.

Keep It Cool

When you are out and about with your hearing aid in this hot weather, wear a sun hat. This not only will help to keep your head from sunburn but will also keep the direct sunlight from hitting the top of your hearing aid and causing it to overheat. A sun hat will also help to keep your head cool and this will prevent moisture and sweat build up in and around your ear that could prevent the hearing aid from working. 

sun hat your hearing helper


When your hearing aid is out of your ear, keep them in a cool place when not in use, keep them away from direct sunlight and hot areas of your home. With the outer casing made of plastic in extremely high temperatures, this can melt. Ideally somewhere that is still accessible and rememberable. Do not put them somewhere cold such as your fridge as this also exposes them to high levels of moisture.


Keep It Clean

Up your cleaning regime a little more in this heat. Warm weather encourages sweat, dust, moisture and even an increase in ear wax production. Give your hearing aids a wipe over before putting in your ears in the morning and keep an eye out for any moisture bubbles in your hearing aid tubing. Make sure your ears are thoroughly dry after washing before putting your hearing aids in your ears.  


Keep It Dry

Take your hearing aids out when you are partaking in water based activities. If you accidently jump into the sea for a dip with your hearing aids in, you will need to take steps immediately to dry them out. Remove the hearing aid battery so that it does not corrode and then wipe with a towel. If you have a hearing aid puffer take the hearing aid from the tube and press the puffer to blow out any excess water from near the electronics part of your hearing aid. If you do not have one of these put the tube and mould in a towel or tissue and shake to remove the excess water from the tube. Do not be tempted to straight away check if the hearing aid is working, it will need time to dry out before popping the battery in again. An ideal device to own is a hearing aid dehumidifier. This is a small plastic container that will help to remove any water from the hearing aid using drying capsules.


Top Heat Wave Hearing Aid product

If this weather was to continue for the whole summer a hearing aid dryer would be a worthwhile investment. This works more efficiently than a dehumifier, taking a lot less time and providing more peace of mind.   It is an electronic device that can be plugged into the mains or your computer with dryer cycles ranging from a few hours to 30 minutes. Some devices also have an integrated cleaning ability using a UV light ray is also cast to clear the hearing aids of 99% of bacteria and viruses.

amplicomms hearing aid dry box


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Quick Tips

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