Ever Wondered Why Alcohol Can Make You Dizzy?

Ever wondered why alcohol makes you feel dizzy after a few glasses of your favourite tipple? Well the reason lies within your ear.

Inside your ear is the vestibular system that consists of three tiny tubes. Your vestibular system controls and maintains your balance. The tiny tubes are filled with a fluid called endolymph and lined with hair cells. This fluid moves just as you do. As the fluid moves, the small hairs within your vestibular system detect this movement and provides you with a sense of movement. These tiny tubes are responsible for realising that you are moving or rotating your head.

semicircular canals


After a few hours of drinking alcohol, it will diffuse from your bloodstream into this fluid. Alcohol is lighter than the fluid in a very similar scenario to oil in water. This changes the density of the fluid.  Information is sent via hairs to your brain along with conflicting information from your eyes that your are stationary. Your brain then starts to tell you that you and your eyes that you are moving, making you feel off balance.

To prevent such dizziness limit how much you do drink in one evening and even dilute it down with a soft drink. The dizziness and blurred vision experienced through alcohol consumption is one of the main reasons you should not drink and drive. 


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