Every year with the blossom of daffodils, snow drops and a variety of other wild flowers, spring emerges from what can be a dreary winter.

Loud, painful, and hectic. These are three of the words you will often find associated with the top jobs that can cause hearing loss or damage.

Having a new hearing aid can be quite a shock to the system, you can leave your appointment feeling a little overwhelmed.

Other than a few hearing aids that are rechargeable, most hearing aids run on disposable zinc air activated battery.

Its Friday the 13th so we are delving into the mythical superstitions that relate to your ears.

Make deaf awareness your 2017 new years resolution, it isn’t a difficult resolution to make but it is a important one.

These days hearing aids can be extremely small and being forgetful no matter your age or living a busy lifestyle can land your hearing aid being accidently taken out by a rubbis

Mobile phones have come along way in the last 20 years with new features continually being added.

If your hearing aid has stopped working on you, your first point of call would be to get in contact with either the audiology department or hearing specialist that provided the

Quick Tips

If you are registered deaf or are a hearing aid user you qualify for a disabled persons railcard