Wearing a Face Mask With Your Hearing Aid

Wearing a face mask alongside your hearing aid can be difficult and if you are a hearing aid user you'll have already experienced this dilemma.

Many face masks come with elasticated or fabric loops that go around the ears which will share the exact same space as your hearing aid.

Here are some ways to be able to wear both a face mask and your hearing aid together.


Make Sure Your Hearing Aid Is In Properly

If your hearing aid isn't in your ear properly it will be much easier for it to fall out when you lift your face mask off.

Don't rush when putting your hearing aid in, plan ahead and allow yourself the time to make sure it is properly in your ear correctly and at the back of your ear.


The Tubing Is The Right Length

The face mask loops can tug at the wire or tube that connects your hearing aid behind your ear to your ear mould.

Make sure it's the right length and isn't too long, so that this issue doesn't happen.


Try a Few Different Masks Out

It can be suprising how many face masks and coverings will feel different, from the different fabric used, the size and thickness of the mask, one is much more likely to fit your face shape than another so don't be afraid to give a few a go.

Ideally you want a face mask that comes with ties that don't touch your ears at all and in particular ones that come with ties that go around your head.

If you have found a face mask that fits your face but has ear loops don't worry there are alternative ways you can anchor the ear loops without attaching them to your ears such as a headband with a button or a face mask extender, see our blog on preventing ear pain whilst wearing a mask.


Keep a Check On Your Hearing Aid

Take the time to make a mental note of when you put your hearing aid in and remembering when you have your hearing aid in.

Avoid keep touching it to check it's still in while in a public place as you want to avoid touching your face, mouth, nose, ears or eyes.

Get in the habit of putting it in and taking it out at the same time daily. A routine can really help to keep tabs on your hearing aid as well as aclimatise better to your hearing aid too.


When Removing Your Face Mask, Don't Forget About Your Hearing Aid

Removing your face mask only once you're back at home from the shops or back in your car after you have been to the bank will mean that when you do remove your face mask you are in a safe space.

This means if your hearing aid was to fall out as you pull your mask off, it will be in a safe sace and you can find it much easier.

The last thing you want to do is lose it on a random street or supermarket car park.

 When you do take the fask mask off, take it off slowly and thoughtfully, being aware of your hearing aid and even ready to catch it if you think it might remove it along side it.

Quick Tips

To hear with a hearing aid on the phone, hold the telephone near the hearing aid microphone, if you have a behind the ear hearing aid this will be behind your ear.