Ear Protection for Rally Driver

Noise exposure during motorsport is an unseen and therefore sometimes overlooked problem. Prolonged exposure in high decibel sound level can lead to hearing loss or tinnitus which is ringing in your ears. 

Drivers are exposed to engine noise (70dB), exhaust noise (98dB), wind noise and co-pilot shouting directions (60dB-90dB).


Noise Induced Hearing Loss


Constant exposure to the loudness level of rally driving causes damage to the inner ear hair cells especially those responsible for high frequency hearing. Noise induced hearing loss is permanent and measures should be made to reduce the occurance of it. 

Tips for keeping healthy ears while rally driving

  • Be aware of the problems of noise exposure sooner rather than later
  • Look into gettin a good fitting helmet, some can be expensive but will be a worthwhile investment in protecting not just your ears but your head too.
  • Purchasing ear plugs, custom made ones especially

Quick Tips

Two hearing aids? Left has blue marker and right has red marker, remember red for right.