Why Do Some People Make More Ear Wax

Ear wax, also known as cerumen is a yellow waxy substance secreted by the ear. Your ear produces ear wax to naturally carry foreign objects and debris out of the ear. Although it looks unclean this is your ears method of cleaning itself.

Problems occur when people can make a little to much ear wax. If you have particularly narrow or hairy ear canals they become blocked up much quicker than normal. Also if you have developed bony growths in your outer ear canal which can occur through regular activities such as cold water swimming and surfing, wax may build up behind the bony growth and be unable to conduct its natural process of moving out of the ear.

There needs to be a healthy balance to your ears exposure to the outside if you use in the ear devices such as hearing aids, hearables and in ear music players, your ears need to 'breathe' otherwise long term use can also cause a barrier to wax. Not allowing it to move out of the ear naturally means you may end up with a blockage of wax.

Your lifestyle and diet can play a contributor to producing excessive ear wax as well. If you work in an environment where debris flying around is a common sight such as on a building site, in a workshop or gardening, you ear may produce more wax due to the amount of little debris particles floating into your ear canal. A diet that contains a high glycemic index such as with refined carbohydrates and sugars can also encourage excess ear wax to occur.

As you get older your ear wax becomes drier and therefore more likely to become stagnent, not budging from your ear canal, a little and often applied remedy of olive oil can help soften and move it on its way.

Don't be encouraged to use a cotton bud or another long item to try to remove ear wax as it can be not only dangerous but you will most likely push the ear wax further into your ear canal causing the opposite effect.

Quick Tips

On average it takes ten years for people to address their hearing loss