Top 5 Hearing Aid Dryer Box & Sanitiser Options

An Electronic hearing aid dryer can provide a number of helpful applications that saves you time with hearing aid care and maintenence. Warm weather devices such as this can be a worthwhile investment. Keeping it dry, clean and moisture free, especially in summer.

The key points to remember with an electronic hearing aid dryer and sanitizer is that it is electronic and with anything electrical it is important to read the instructions provided carefully and to unplug when not in use. Another point is that you need to remove the hearing aid battery from the hearing aid before you place into the device, some devices have a designated place for you to put the battery whilst your hearing aid is drying. Also give your hearing aid a wipe over with a dry cloth prior to putting it in the dryer this will mean the device can get to work removing any unseen and hidden moisture rather than focusing on what is evidently there and will save time.

The type of electronic hearing aid dryer/ dehumidifier you choose depends on whether you are looking for one that is portable or will remain in a designated area in the house, also how busy your lifestyle is and how quick you want it to dry your hearing aid or whether you want to have the option for longer deeper drying as well.

Some hearing aid dryers also come with the option for UV ray sanitation. This means that your hearing aid will be cleaned of 99% of bacteria, germs and bugs and can effectively help to keep your hearing aid as clean as possible each day. This is a particularly useful feature for someone who is prone to ear infections, itchy ears or dry skin. 

Below we look at the top 5 best hearing aid dry box options available in 2018 that work electronically to thoroughly dry your hearing aid.

Amplicomms DB200 Portable Hearing Aid Dry Box

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  • Sleek modern design
  • 3 hours 48 minute drying cycle
  • 6 minute UV elimination of 99% bacteria and germs
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Portable and comes with carry case
  • Tested in an accredited laboratory - Bureau Veritas
  • Available next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Can hold up to 2 pairs of hearing aids or cochlear implants

This hearing aid dry box uses gentle air circulation via a 3 hour and 48 minute cycle. In comparison to your average non electronic hearing aid dehumidifier box you are looking at several hours making this an effective gentle drying application. The box not only dries but has the ability to disinfect and remove 99% of bacteria in the first 6 minutes of the cycle with UV rays.

The box itself is a sleek compact design and even comes with a carry case for convinience of transportation. The one large on button allows for ease of use, once in operation the LED will light. There are no concerns with accidently leaving it on and it will automatically switch off once the cycle has completed.  It comes with the option of either USB and a mains plug. Simply plug in and you're ready to go!


Dry-sun uv2 Hearing Aid Box

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dry-sun uv2 hearing aid box


  • Small hearing aid case design
  • 4 hour convection air drying cycle
  • 4 minute UV cleaning of 99% bacteria and llgerms
  • Weighing only 299g
  • Requires USB charge
  • Available next day delivery with Amazon Prime

The Dry-sun UV2 hearing aid drying box is a small compact case with a blue outer lid with holes for ventilation. It uses a USB connection and with a low 5 volt it requires little power so can be underway drying your hearing aid while you surf the internet.

The dryer works by using a temprature of 55 degree C + or - 3 degrees and it removes any moisture in and around the hearing aids with convection heating. The drying cycle lasts 4 hours and will clean your hearing aid of 99% of bacteria in the first 4 minutes which is particularly quick.  

dry-sun uv2 hearing aid box

There is just enough space in the box for you to fit two large hearing aids set ups in side. It does not come with a carry case but I particularly like that the blue outer lid also covers the on bottom which helps prevent any accidental switch on or children accessing it.


Iriver Blank Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer and Sanitizer

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IRIVER Blank Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer


  • Compact square box design
  • Side on bottom
  • Clear LED light
  • Two drying cycle options
  • 90 minute full cycle
  • 6 minute UV cleaning time
  • Uses a 360 UV lamp
  • Weighing 160g
  • Tested in a certified laboratory.
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime

The Iriver Blank Hearing Aid Dryer and Sanitiser is quite the device, it comes in a compact square shape and is very light at 160 grams. Place the box on a flat surface. It is straight forward to use and requires you to plug into a USB port and press the blue on bottom to the side of the box. The cycle will then only run if the lid is fully closed and will automatically end once cycle is complete.

Iriver Blank Hearing Aid Dryer


It has a drying cycle time of either 30 minutes (standard) and a 90 minute (deep dry). The device will also thoroughly santize your hearing aids using a 360 degrees UV lamp during the first 6 minutes of the cycle. The tempreature within the device is continually monitored with the ideal tempreature around 45 degrees C. This really is a great item to grab and go and take with you on holiday. It is light and allows for ultra quick drying and cleaning.


REAQER Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer

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REAQER Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer

  • Fresh blue and square design
  • Three drying modes
  • Often on sale at a cheap rate
  • Lightweight 220g
  • Has the ability to clean using UV light in 30 minutes mode

The REAQER Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer is a small and lightweight drying box in a fresh blue design. Interestingly it comes with three different drying modes. To use the device connec the power supply and two lights will flash.

To access the first mode, press the power symbol button once. One light will then appear to tell you this is the setting you are in. This setting provides a 3 hour drying time. To access the second mode press the power symbol buttom twice and two lights will appear. This setting provides a 6 hour drying time. To access the third setting, press the button three times and three lights will appear. This has a drying time of 30 minutes and uses the UV light function. Mode 3 is the only setting that also sanitizes your hearing aid.

What I would recommend doing is press three times and use mode 3 first so that you dissinfect your hearing aid. Then I would run either mode 1 or 2 straight away. It does mean you need to set your watch to come back to it after 30 minutes but means your hearing aid can be both dry and clean after a 3 and a half hour cycle.

REAQER Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer Open

There is a large amount of space with the box measuring 7.4 cm x 10 cm and 5.5 cm deep. Its core temprature is set at 40 degrees C and up to 5 degrees more. To the top of the box is also a little groove for you to be able to keep the battery safe on top of the box.  The box will only operate when the lid is closed and once the cycle is complete unplug from the mains. This is quite the savvy little box, portable, light and gives you multiple options for your drying needs.


HRRH Hearing Aid Drying Box

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HRRH Hearing Aid Drying Box

  • Sturdy and robust
  • A little heavy for a hearing aid dryer
  • Slower than other dryers
  • Two drying time options of 4 and 8 hours
  • Highly visible design
  • Cheaper that other models available
  • No sanitizer ability


THe HRRH Hearing Aid Drying Box is a small yellow drying box that is highly visible. It provides you with two drying length options. You will need to first press the drying time and then on switch light will be lit. Once the cycle has ended the light will turn off and it is highly recommended you then unplug the device. At first I was unsure as to why you would choose the 8 hour drying time over the 4 hour however it does do a more thorough drying of your hearing aid. There is no sanitising option to this hearing aid dryer which I feel does let it down as it does help to have the two features in built together.

HRRH Hearing Aid Drying Box

This hearing aid dryer uses a UK mains plug and weighs nearly 4 times as much as the lightest hearing aid dryer on the list here. Making it the least portable but does make it sturdy and robust.


Quick Tips

Your hearing aid will need regular servicing generally every 6 months by your hearing care professional.