Hearing Related Phobia's

A phobia is an overwhelming fear to a particular action, object or sensation. It is a type of an anxiety disorder that evokes an extreme level of fear, panic and upset. It usually stems from a traumatic or stressful event or occurnace that has been associated with a particular action, object or sensation. We look at some of the phobia's that are hearing related phobias.


Acousticophobia is a phobia of hearing noises. This can be a particular noises such as traffic, loud chatter, yelling or noise in general. A phobia such as Acousticophobia can be traced to a particular event.

You are best not to let this prevent you from getting a hearing aid if one is needed.


Similar to acousticophobia is a phobia of hearing sudden loud noises. Ligryo means "sharp" This can be sounds such as sirens, gun shots or explosions. Someone who has Ligyrophobia will not enjoy watching a fireworks display.

If you have hearing aids, you can control the volume of them and lower them during loud events, which can help with staying calm and not getting spooked.


Phonophobia is a fear of loud sounds, this can be caused by a past event, or something you have grown up with and don't remember the original cause. Phonophobia can provide high levels of anxiety as it is the fear that such a sound can occur at any point in time. Symptoms can involve panic attacks and the desire to run away from an environment that is felt to have a higher risk of such sounds.


Melophobia is a fear of music. "melodia" means music. This could be due to a negative experience perceived when music has been played.


Xenoglossophobia is a fear of learning or conversing in a foreign language. The root cause of this may be hard to understand, it may differ for different people, if you struggle to learn or don't wish to talk in a foreign language then you have xenoglossophobia.


Gerascophobia is the fear of ageing and growing old. Prescbyacusis is a age related hearing loss. When an adult requires a hearing aid, a phobia such as Gerascophobia can prevent someone from giving a hearing aid a go because of a stigma that it means they are ageing.


Misophonia is a fear of particular sounds often created by the people around us. The sounds are often related to those that are created by the mouth such as sniffling, chewing, slurping or whispering. Such a phobia can have varying degrees of diffficulty from slight annoyance to anger.


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The simplest type of eardrop is ordinary olive oil