Tinnitus Advisor Map - Find a Tinnitus Advisor

A tinnitus advisor is a qualified professional. They are either an audioloigst, hearing therapist or pyschologist who has undertaken specialist training in tinnitus rehabilitation.

An important part of a tinnitus advisor's role is to provide counselling and give you an opportunity to talk about your tinnitus, how it is affecting your daily life. A tinnitus advisor used to be called a tinnitus 'counsellor' however there is more to tinnitus rehabitation than counselling alone. While there is no cure there are an array of different methods, tactics and stategies to try. Your tinnitus advisor will discuss these with you and to plan together what may work for you.

Your tinnitus advisor will be able to discuss different therapy options. These include sound enrichment therapy, tinnitus retraining therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. 

They will talk about relaxation techniques aswell as sleep management if the tinnitus is causing sleep difficulties.

To be able to see a tinnitus advisor your first point of call is talking to your GP about your tinnitus. Your GP will then be able to refer you.



Quick Tips

On average it takes ten years for people to address their hearing loss