hearing loss

Action on Hearing Loss have changed their name back to RNID after nine years.

One of the biggest challenges of our current lockdown situation in the UK is that with the general public wearing cloth masks in public spaces, in supermarkets and shops it has

A sneeze starts with a tickle in your nose, something tiny has entered you nose such as a dust and irritates the mucous lining, a large amount of pressure suddenly builds up in

Listening to music can enhance a person's life, when it comes to playing music there is an innate sense of fulfilment and reward in this experience all on its own.

Today is World Hearing Day and this year World Hearing Day is about raising awareness for the need to check your hearing.

Today is St David's Day and we are highlighting some the wonderful work going on in Wales.

As a new hearing aid user there will be lots of new sounds to explore.

Today one of the main reasons someone will not seek advice or help regarding potential hearing loss is the stigma assosiated with it.

If you suspect you may have hearing loss, taking the first steps to addressing it has the ability to brighten up the loved one in your life's day and if you go on to have a hear

Looking for a hearing related question to pop into a pub quiz you are planning?

Quick Tips

Two hearing aids? Left has blue marker and right has red marker, remember red for right.