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Listening to music can enhance a person's life, when it comes to playing music there is an innate sense of fulfilment and reward in this experience all on its own.

There are a number of reasons why hearing aids have not been designed to be worn at night time.

We take a look at some of the loveliest reasons why you need to try a hearing aid if you have a hearing loss. What is life without love?

Do I need one, or two hearing aids? If only it was as simple as choosing to have one of two cups of tea when it comes to choosing to have one of two hearing aids.

An Electronic hearing aid dryer can provide a number of helpful applications that saves you time with hearing aid care and maintenence.

Today we are celebrating 70 years of the National Health Service or as it is belovedly known the 'NHS'.

Hearing aid batteries are a fundamental part of being a hearing aid user.

At the airport you should be able to access a loop system, public text or amplified phones. As someone who is deaf or hard of hearing when checking in it is a good idea to tell

These days hearing aids can be extremely small and being forgetful no matter your age or living a busy lifestyle can land your hearing aid being accidently taken out by a rubbis

If your hearing aid has stopped working on you, your first point of call would be to get in contact with either the audiology department or hearing specialist that provided the

Quick Tips

If your loop system on your hearing aid doesn't seem to be working, check the building you are in has it switched on.