Action on Hearing Loss have changed their name back to RNID after nine years.

A badge that says whether you or Deaf or Hard of Hearing and asking people to speak clearly is a helpful reminder to people around you.

One of the biggest challenges of our current lockdown situation in the UK is that with the general public wearing cloth masks in public spaces, in supermarkets and shops it has

Today is St David's Day and we are highlighting some the wonderful work going on in Wales.

Today we are celebrating 70 years of the National Health Service or as it is belovedly known the 'NHS'.

Looking for a hearing related question to pop into a pub quiz you are planning?

Make deaf awareness your 2017 new years resolution, it isn’t a difficult resolution to make but it is a important one.

Mobile phones have come along way in the last 20 years with new features continually being added.

Quick Tips

Two hearing aids? Left has blue marker and right has red marker, remember red for right.