Sound, Hearing & Hearing Aid Apps and Applications.

Here we have listed in our directory available applications for hearing aid users and those hard of hearing. You can choose by type of category, price of the hearing app (free or paid) and by what market or device you want your hearing app for.

"App" meaning application is a self contained program designed to fulfill a specific purpose that nowadays can be downloaded onto your phone. Most applications require either IOS (apple), android, windows or a blackberry smart phone or tablet device. Apps are now more popular than ever and every day more and more apps are added.There are apps that can screen your hearing ability to even evaluating the volume of environmental noise around you. For those who are deaf or have a hearing loss, the creation of apps has been a fantastic development in helping daily living.

Quick Tips

Each hearing aid always comes with a user guide, if you have lost your user guide check out our user guide section to download it.