Widex Evoke 3300 XP Hearing Aid

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The Widex Evoke is a smart hearing aid able to intuitively analyse your sound environment and react to changes for natural, effortless hearing today and every day. The Evoke XP allows for ease of streaming directly from your mobile phone or other accessories. Its wireless capabilities also allow for program and volume adjustments of this miniature hearing aid. 

The 330 performance level is great for a more active lifestyle, with features designed to detect speech in noise (speech enhancer and digital pinna) aiding ease of listening in challenging situations.

If you have a pair of Widex Evoke XP hearing aids they can be set to have a 'Lost Partner' feature, this means that if one hearing aid loses contact with the other, it will play a message into your ear.


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Hearing Aid Coating: 
IP68 dust and water resistant certified
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Hearing Aid Feedback Management System: 
feedback cancellation
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In the ear (ITE)
Hearing Aid Hearing Loss Range: 
mild to severe
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custom ear mould
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Music setting
Volume Control (via remote or smart phone)
Hearing Aid App
Tinnitus Program

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If you are registered deaf or are a hearing aid user you qualify for a disabled persons railcard