Widex Dream 110 D1 D-m

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WIDEX DREAM allows more sound in than any other hearing aid so you can hear more details of the world around you – and in a way that’s as true-to-life as technology allows. Even in noisy environments such as parties, sport events or at the cinema. DREAM is also more personal – only with Widex do you get online access to MY.WIDEX.COM - your personal website with all the advice and help you need on your DREAM hearing aids. DREAM is available in a wide range of models including our new Behind-the-ear model FASHION. AFFORDABLE PERFORMANCE DREAM110 gives you excellent sound quality at an affordable price. If you need a hearing aid that performs well in listening situations such as one-to-one conversations or talking on the phone, then DREAM110 is a great choice. Listening situations One-to-onePhone conversation Good sound quality Highlights Listening comfort in noise by reducing noise and intensifying speech Allows soft sounds to be heard High pitched sounds are audible in all listening situation When used with a mould the aid has a rating of 3 thumbs up. Comes with the option of a remote control to manually adjust the volume or mute the aid.
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D1 M
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Behind the ear (BTE)
Micro behind the ear (MBTE)
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mild to severe
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custom ear mould
open fitting
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Tinnitus Program

Quick Tips

Your hearing aid will need regular servicing generally every 6 months by your hearing care professional.