Starkey Soundlens X 110 IIC Invisible Hearing Aid

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The Starkey Soundlens is an IIC (Invisible in Canal) hearing aid. Highly cosmetic, it fits deep into the ear canal almost completely out of sight. Previously known as the Otolens, this hearing aid comes in three levels of technology.
The top level of technology is the Soundlens 11.
Features Include:
16 Channels - Each channel processes a range of frequencies so the more channels you have, the more specifically it can be programmed to suit your hearing needs.
5 Levels of Personalisation – This allows you to customise the hearing aid to your personal requirements.
Voice iQ2 – Thanks to this feature, the noise reduction capability in these hearing aids has been greatly increased. The Soundlens 11 boasts a maximum 20dB noise reduction strength.
Audioscape – This recognises noise patterns in different environments working to ensure that priority is always given to speech The Soundlens 11 has five adaptation levels and will automatically adjust your hearing aid to your preferred settings.
Feedback Eliminator - Starkey’s Purewave technology helps to eliminate the whistling feedback noises that can occur.
Self Learning – Your hearing aid will actually learn your volume preferences and adjust itself automatically
Swap Fit – This allows your audiologist to transfer your settings from your old hearing aid device to the new one.
3D Speech Mapping – This feature is only available on the Soundlens 11. Using this, your audiologist can see how your hearing aid is processing sounds in real time.

In conclusion, the Soundlens 11 is top level IIC (Invisible in Canal) technology. It is highly cosmetic as it fits deep into the ear canal and is designed to be removed daily but due to its placement in the ear it is not suitable for everyone. If you do find you are on a bit of a budget, you may want to try the Starkey Soundlens 9 or the Starkey Soundlens 7. To view more from the Starkey Soundlens Hearing Aids range view here.

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October, 2014
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In the ear (ITE)
Invisible in canal (IIC)
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mild to moderate - severe
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custom ear mould
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Volume Control

Quick Tips

To hear with a hearing aid on the phone, hold the telephone near the hearing aid microphone, if you have a behind the ear hearing aid this will be behind your ear.