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The Halo i90 is part of Starkey’s made for iPhone hearing aid range. It is easy to pair the hearing aids with your Apple devices, which will enable you to stream the sound from your iPhone, iPod and iPad without the need for additional hardware such as hearing loops and sound streamers. The Halo range uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology to create a direct wireless connection to your Apple media devices, which turns your hearing aids into a set of wireless headphones. This means that you can have hands free telephone conversations and make the most of the facetime and siri features. You can listen to music on your phone or iPod when you are out and about, without needing to remove your hearing aids to wear headphones. Switching from the music streaming program to answering a phone call or normal listening is as easy as tapping the touch screen. You can also listen to films and video clips on your iPad and get involved in Skype chats and Google hangouts. You can also use the microphone on your iPhone to stream the sound of conversation in more demanding listening environments such as busy restaurants or work meetings where you don’t want to miss anything. Simply set the microphone and place your phone at the centre of the table or in front of the speaker, and their voice will be sent directly to your hearing aids without picking up all the background noise. You can even set your iPhone to record so that you can play the conversation back later. All this is easy to control using Starkey’s specially developed Trulink App which is free to download from the Apple store. The app turns your iPhone into a remote control for your hearing aids giving you simple and discrete control over your hearing aid programs. You can change the settings and fine tune the sound using the visual indicator bars which allow you to alter the treble and bass as well as volume. Once you have adjusted the hearing aids to your perfect settings, you can save those settings as a Trulink memory using the app. You can store 20 different memories in the app to suit different environments. Using the GPS technology in your iPhone you can also geotag your location and link it to the Trulink memory. The next time your iPhone registers that you are at the same location it will automatically change your hearing aid program and volume to the settings you saved before. You can geotag lots of your Trulink memories so that as you move from work to your favourite coffee shop or restaurant and home again, your hearing aids will adjust to the best settings on their own, seamlessly giving you the best listening experience. You can make fine adjustments at any time with a tap of your iPhone’s touchscreen. The Halo i90 contains advanced technology to help you hear in a variety of noisy environments such as at work, in meetings or restaurants and when you are shopping. There are 12 sound imaging channels which process the sounds around you to give you better hearing clarity. The Purewave feedback eliminator cuts out the annoying feedback sounds before you hear them without affecting sound quality or distorting the other sounds around you. The Halo i90 hearing aid contains an Acoustic scene analyser which has three levels to process machine noise and wind noise, as well as separating loud and quiet speech. The background noise reduction level is good and directional microphones help you to focus your listening on the area where you want it. Hearing loss is more common in the higher frequencies so high pitched sounds and voices are harder to hear. For better speech clarity, the spectral iQ program takes the higher frequency sounds, such as women’s and children’s voices, and lowers the frequency to bring them within your hearing range. These hearing aids also use ISO compression to separate voice sounds and make soft speech more audible as well as reducing loud speech, making it easier to understand. The synchronised user controls make sure that your hearing aids are working together, and are always on the same program settings. The Halo i90 is currently available in RITE (Receiver In The Ear) style, the small case which fits discreetly behind the ear comes in a variety of neutral colours so you can choose one that blends in with your hair and skin tone or stands out as an accessory. Also is the same Halo range is the starkey halo i110 hearing aid with the slightly higher technology specification.
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October, 2014
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Behind the ear (BTE)
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mild to moderate - severe
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receiver in ear
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Mobile phone setting
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If you are registered deaf or are a hearing aid user you qualify for a disabled persons railcard