Signia Pure 13 5Nx Hearing Aid

signia pure nx 13
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The Signia Pure 13 5Nx uses the Nx technology platform, which also provides the first solution to accepting your own voice through a hearing aid. From vividly discussing art after visiting a museum to enjoying the excitement of a new city with your loved ones, the signia pure 13 hearing aids let you delight in the world of sound. It combines the natural sound of your own voice perfectly with all surrounding sounds. This lets you enjoy the most natural hearing experience and highest hearing performance, even when discovering the splendor of new destinations.

Stream your favorite opera straight into your ears, discreetly adjust the volume according to suit your wishes while watching a new production of a theater classic on TV or hear the fastest route to the most famous sights from your navigation app – all you need is a smartphone.

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Hearing Aid Coating: 
IP68 dust and water resistant certified
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Hearing Aid Platform: 
Hearing Aid Feedback Management System: 
feedback manager
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Hearing Aid Shape: 
Behind the ear (BTE)
Receiver in the canal (RIC)
Hearing Aid Hearing Loss Range: 
mild to severe
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receiver in canal
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Hearing Aid Extra Features: 
Own Voice Processing Technology
Superior binaural listening experience
Tele Care Adjustments
Reduce wind noise
Hearing Aid App
Tinnitus Program
Volume Control

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If you are registered deaf or are a hearing aid user you qualify for a disabled persons railcard