Signia CROS Pure Transmitter

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The Signia CROS or BiCROS system has been made to help people with un-aidable hearing loss in one ear. This means if someone is speaking on the side that is unaidable that person can still hear what is being said. Transmitting sound using the Signia CROS Pure Transmitter that sits on this ear and wirelessly transmits the sound to a signia hearing aid to the other ear which may have normal hearing or have some hearing ability. The design is slim, sleek and there is a manual volume control to adjust the sound level. Working in a pair with a Signia hearing aid on the Primax platform provides an excellent quality sound.

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Behind the ear (BTE)
CROS transmitter
Micro behind the ear (MBTE)
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single sided deafness
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custom ear mould
meatal tip
open fitting
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CROS microphone input
Volume Control

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On average it takes ten years for people to address their hearing loss