Siemens Eclipse 501 Hearing Aid

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Eclipse sits hidden in the ear canal, with its replaceable foam cylinder it can be placed deeper than many other hearing aids as it can be placed directly in front of the ear drum. This reducing the occlusion effect which is typical with many ITE hearing aids. Despite this deep placement, Eclipse can be put into place and removed quickly and easily, without risk of causing any physical damage, making daily use simpler and making it easier to exchange the battery or, for hygienic reasons, the foam cylinder, which is available in three different sizes. It also comes with the latest BestSound technology. The Eclipse does however unfortunately only cover mild hearing losses, not extra settings and due to the deep insertion of the aid requires good dexterity with a rating of one thumbs up. Saying that the Eclipse would work very well for a individual with good dexterity that is after simplicity, invisibility and comfort factors.
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feedback stopper
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Completely in canal (CIC)
In the ear (ITE)
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custom ear mould
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Your hearing aid will need regular servicing generally every 6 months by your hearing care professional.