ReSound Enzo 3D 7 88 Hearing Aid

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The ReSound Enzo 3D, is part of the Smart Hearing aid family. It comes in two options the 98 or 88 model. The 88 model is smallerhearing aid taking the 13 battery and not quite as powerful as the 98. The ReSound Enzo 3D aims to help someone with a severe to profound hearing loss pick up more sounds and speech throughout their day.

It uses our patented Binaural Directionality III and Spatial Sense technology to give users a sense of where sounds are coming from. ReSound ENZO 3D also delivers the highest amplification in the industry, without feedback.

Clients can also use the ReSound Smart 3D app to personalize and control their sound experience from their smartphone, adjusting volume as well as bass, middle and treble.

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Hearing Aid Channels: 
Hearing Aid Manufacturer: 
Hearing Aid Family: 
Enzo 3D
Hearing Aid Model: 
Hearing Aid Year of Manufacture: 
Hearing Aid Coating: 
IP58 water resistant certified
iSolate Nanotech (Resound)
Hearing Aid Programs: 
Hearing Aid Platform: 
Hearing Aid Feedback Management System: 
DFS Ultra II
Hearing Aid App: 
Hearing Aid Shape: 
Behind the ear Super power (SP/DSP)
Hearing Aid Hearing Loss Range: 
severe to profound
Hearing Aid Person: 
Hearing Aid Ear Fitting: 
custom ear mould
Hearing Aid Battery Size: 
Hearing Aid Extra Features: 
Find My Hearing Aids Feature
Push button
Superior binaural listening experience
Hearing Aid App
Tinnitus Program
Volume Control

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