ReSound Danalogic 6080 Hearing Aid

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The Danalogic Ifit 71 is a versatile behind the ear hearing aid which is one of the latest in the running supplied by the NHS. With a fairly good specification for a free hearing aid it has been a winning hearing aid for a number of years. Having the option for up to 3 extra programs including the loop system a music program and further noise reduction. As well as the option to have an active volume control. The Ifit 71 has a great dexterity rating of 4 thumbs up when used with a custom fit mould, used with an open fitting will lower the rating due to the slightly fiddly nature of the tubing. If you have poor dexterity the aid can be set automatic with no programs and no volume control. Most Ifit 71's also come with a small magnetic tool to allow you to pick the battery up from the battery packet and place into the hearing aid with ease. It also comes with the lovely option of the "smart start" which gives you time to put the hearing aid in before it switches on. The colour options available to you will depend on where you are obtaining the aid from.

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Hearing Aid Family: 
Danalogic 6
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Hearing Aid Shape: 
Behind the ear (BTE)
Behind the ear Power (P)
Hearing Aid Hearing Loss Range: 
moderate to severe
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Hearing Aid Ear Fitting: 
custom ear mould
open fitting
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specific noise reduction program
Volume Control

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