ReSound Alera 7 RIE 61 Hearing Aid

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Alera 7 is our advanced model, ideal for users that mostly find themselves in moderate listening environments, such as meetings, shopping, public places, quiet social gatherings, golf or similar outdoor activities. 2.4 GHz wireless technology extends ReSound Alera’s reach and maximizes its benefits by letting people hear sound sources outside of a hearing device's normal range. ReSound Unite wireless accessories send clear, echo-free sound directly into the hearing aid without an intermediate device. There is a very similar slightly smaller version to Alera 61 which is the Alera 60 this however does not have a program button on the aid or wireless capabilities. Although the aid is small and fiddly the remote control options increase the dexterity to two thumbs up.

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Alera 7
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Behind the ear (BTE)
Micro behind the ear (MBTE)
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mild to severe
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receiver in ear
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specific noise reduction program
Reduce wind noise
Volume Control

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