ReSound Alera 5 10-M Hearing Aid

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ReSound Alera 5 is our standard model, recommended for users that mostly find themselves in quiet listening environments, such as home activities, watching TV with family/friends, casual conversations, and card games. The 10-M is tiny but intelligent and recommended for those with good dexterity therefore has a rating of 1 thumbs up. The aid does have a push button to change to other settings. The remote microphone design is unique because the microphone is placed at the end of a flexible tube, which is then placed securely in the concha symba of the pinna. The rest of the instrument is inserted into the ear as with conventional CIC designs. This unique placement of the microphone leaves the end user with many great benefits such as directionality and wind noise reduction.

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Hearing Aid Family: 
Alera 5
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Hearing Aid Shape: 
Completely in canal (CIC)
In the ear (ITE)
remote microphone
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mild to severe
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Hearing Aid Ear Fitting: 
custom ear mould
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Hearing Aid Extra Features: 
specific noise reduction program
Reduce wind noise

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