ReSound Alera 4 RIE 61 Hearing Aid

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Surround Sound by ReSound clearly improves the way people hear. They get exceptional speech understanding and clearer, richer, more vibrant sound – even in challenging situations. The unique ReSound Alera family allows you to provide the superior foundation of good hearing and excellent sound: an accurate, personalised fitting for virtually every hearing loss and every preference. Intuitive tools, easy setup and support make it easy for you to provide exceptional speech understanding and clearer, richer, more vibrant sound. And iSolate nanotech coating means fewer repairs and significantly higher customer satisfaction. 2.4 GHz wireless technology extends ReSound Alera’s reach and maximizes its benefits by letting people hear sound sources outside of a hearing device's normal range. ReSound Unite wireless accessories send clear, echo-free sound directly into the hearing aid without an intermediate device. ReSound Alera 4 is our basic model for users who find themselves in mostly quiet environments where wireless connectivity is not necessary, such as one-on-one conversation, watching TV alone, or quiet, solitary activities.

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September, 2014
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Behind the ear (BTE)
Micro behind the ear (MBTE)
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mild to severe
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receiver in ear
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