Phonak Virto Q30 - 312 Hearing Aid

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The Virto 312 is a small in the ear hearing aid which can be fitted for mild to profound hearing loss range which gives it its advangtage over the IIC and 10 model. It is a clever hearing aid in one very miniature package. Features include: SoundRecover - Awareness of the sound environment and listening pleasure Auto Acclimatisation - The right amplification at the right time -utomatically. Binaural Speech streaming. FlexControl - Easy interaction with the hearing system WhistleBlock - Feedback free hearing DuoPhone - With the push of a button, the phone signal is heard in both ears SoundFlow - Continuous and instant optimization to all environments ZoomControl - Ability to choose the hearing focus Real Ear Sound - Natural sound orientation NoiseBlock - Premium comfort in background noise WindBlock - Suppresses wind noise even better than before EchoBlock - Understand well in echoey environments SoundRelax - Eliminating annoying sounds Acoustically Optimized Vent (AOV) - Minimum occlusion QuickSync - Control both instruments with one touch Although there is a potential pop in action to the aid, due to the small batteries/controls the aid receives only 1 thumbs up dexterity rating.

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whistle block
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In the ear (ITE)
half shell
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mild to profound
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custom ear mould
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specific noise reduction program
Tinnitus Program
Volume Control

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