Phonak Naida Q90 SP Hearing Aid

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In 2013 Phonak launched the Naida Q90 which is the top (premium) level of technology in their new range of power hearing aids. The ‘Q’ refers to Phonak’s new Quest platform which is their new sound processing technology. This has led to a range of new Binaural VoiceStream features. The Naida Q90 has replaced the previous Naida S9 model. It is available in three different styles which come in a choice of both subtle and vibrant colours. Naida Q-RIC – A cosmetic, RIC (Receiver In Canal) power hearing aid. Naida Q-SP – This is a BTE (Behind The Ear) hearing aid Naida Q-UP – This model is also a BTE (Behind The Ear) but offers even more power New Features As well as giving you that extra boost of power, the Naida Q90 offers a range of excellent features and with Phonak’s new Quest technology there is now Binaural VoiceStream. This means that your hearing aids will actually communicate with each other to further improve your hearing. Acclimatisation Manager – This feature alters your hearing aid’s amplification levels automatically wherever needed. These levels and settings can also be manually adjusted. Speech in Wind – This feature will detect the wind noise in your hearing aids and then identifiy which side is receiving a clearer signal. It then streams that across to the other side. Auto SteroZoom – This helps to automatically focus on speech sounds that you want to hear and blocks out unwanted noises from other directions. Other features include 20 Channels - The channels on your hearing aids process a range of frequencies so the more you have, the more specifically it can be programmed for your individual hearing loss. Ultrazoom/Stereozoom/Autozoom - These are binaural microphone applications which enhance speech capture and noise cancellation. Whistleblock – This helps to eliminate annoying feedback sounds. Soundrecover –This feature improves your ability to hear higher frequency sounds. Noiseblock – This suppresses any unwanted background noise leaving speech clearer. Soundrelax – This feature detects any sudden loud noises and cushions the sound to ensure you maintain listening comfort. Echoblock - This helps to stop any possible distortion in places such as large halls or churches. Windblock – With this feature you can manage wind noises without having to manually adjust your microphone settings. Soundflow– This feature will detect subtle changes in your listening environment and adapt automatically. The Naida Q90 hearing aids are also fully compatible with Phonak’s range of wireless accessories. Accessories include Phonak Compilot – Streamer worn around the neck Phonak TV Link S – Tv transmitter/compilot charger Phonak Mypilot – One touch display screen remote control Phonak PilotOne – Basic remote control Due to the size of the hearing aid, large buttons and ear mould this hearing aid receives 4 thumbs up for dexterity

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whistle block
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Behind the ear (BTE)
Behind the ear Power (P)
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moderate to profound
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custom ear mould
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FM Compatible
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