Phonak Lyric Invisible 24/7 Hearing Aid Implant

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A large pro point for the lyric is the aid is invisible and requires no maintenance. For a dexterity level this aid receives a 5, it is inserted by an audiologist and can be happily left there for a number of months. With each battery lasting 4 months and comfortable to leave 24/7 the aid does not require removal or insertion from the ear or replacing batteries which gives this aid a big plus. The downside to this aid is that it only technically has only 1 channel being analogue rather than digital, which entail makes it less specific to fit your hearing range. Although the aid is water resistant it cannot be submerged in water therefore restricts you from water activities such as swimming once the aid has been inserted into your ear. Additionally if you produce alot of ear wax this can interfere with the functioning of the aid and if you needed to retrieve the aid out for any reason (using the tool provided you would need to see your audiologist to reinsert another as they are a single use hearing aid.

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In the ear (ITE)
Invisible in canal (IIC)
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mild to moderate
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Two hearing aids? Left has blue marker and right has red marker, remember red for right.