Phonak Audeo Q50 (Q312T) Hearing Aid

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In 2013 the Audeo Q50 which is the third (standard) level of RIC (Receiver In Canal) hearing aids available from Phonak. It has now replaced the previous Audeo S3. The ‘Q’ is Phonaks new sound processing chip technology known as Quest. This gives faster sound processing and even better sound quality with the new Binaural VoiceStream features The Audeo Q50 is available in three different styles and offers a choice of both subtle and bold colours Audeo Q-312 – A more cosmetic looking hearing aid which offers wireless capability and the new Tinnitus Balance Sound Generator Audeo Q-312T – This has a slightly larger design and offers wireless compatibility. It also has the Tinnitus Balance Sound Generator and Telecoil. Audeo Q-10 – A small non-wireless hearing aid that features the Tinnitus Balance Sound Generator New Features The Audeo Q 50 has many of the features from the previous Audeo S 3 and also new Binaural VoiceStream ones. This allows your hearing aids to communicate and work together to further improve your hearing. Tinnitus Balance Sound Generator – Using a range of different sounds, this feature helps with managing tinnitus symptoms. It also offers access to the new Tinnitus Balance App which is compatible with Apple and Android devices to give even more sound options. Acclimatisation Manager – This will automatically alter your hearing aid’s amplification levels and also allow manual adjustment. Other features include 12 Channels – Your hearing aid channels will process a range of frequencies so the more channels there are, the more specifically it can be programmed for your individual needs. Ultrazoom– This is a Binaural microphone application which helps with speech capture and noise cancellation. Whistleblock – This helps to get rid of irritating feedback sounds that may occur. Soundrecover – This feature helps to improve your ability to hear the higher frequency sounds. Noiseblock – This helps to eliminate any unwanted background noise. Soundflow– This means your hearing aids will detect any subtle changes in your listening environment and adapt automatically using a selection of programmes. The Audeo Q50 has wireless capability so can be used with Phonak’s range of accessories. Accessories include Phonak Compilot – Streamer worn around the neck Phonak TV Link S – Tv transmitter/compilot charger Phonak Mypilot – One touch display screen remote control Phonak PilotOne – Basic remote control Due to the small size of the aid and fitting the aid requires fairly good dexterity therefore receiving 2 thumbs up

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Audeo Q
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Behind the ear (BTE)
Micro behind the ear (MBTE)
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mild to severe
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receiver in canal
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Tinnitus Program
Volume Control

Quick Tips

To hear with a hearing aid on the phone, hold the telephone near the hearing aid microphone, if you have a behind the ear hearing aid this will be behind your ear.