Oticon Alta2 Pro Mini RITE Ti Hearing Aid

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Alta2 is said to be the most customised hearing aid Oticon has ever made. Using Oticons newest technology platform called Brainhearing, this allows you to hear alot better in more challenging enviroments. Being able to organise sound and orient yourself with your surroundings. Alta2 Pro Ti hearing aids feature customisable sound stimuli, including soothing ocean sounds. The addition of sound can provide a contrast between the tinnitus and the environment potentially making tinnitus less noticeable.

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Hearing Aid Channels: 
Hearing Aid Manufacturer: 
Hearing Aid Family: 
Alta 2 Pro
Hearing Aid Model: 
mini RITE
Hearing Aid Year of Manufacture: 
Hearing Aid Coating: 
IP58 water resistant certified
Hearing Aid Programs: 
Hearing Aid Platform: 
Hearing Aid Feedback Management System: 
inium sense feedback shield
Hearing Aid App: 
Hearing Aid Shape: 
Behind the ear (BTE)
Micro behind the ear (MBTE)
Hearing Aid Hearing Loss Range: 
mild to severe
Hearing Aid Person: 
Hearing Aid Ear Fitting: 
receiver in ear
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Hearing Aid NHS: 
Hearing Aid Extra Features: 
specific noise reduction program
Hearing Aid App
FM Compatible
Tinnitus Program
Volume Control

Quick Tips

To hear with a hearing aid on the phone, hold the telephone near the hearing aid microphone, if you have a behind the ear hearing aid this will be behind your ear.