Oticon Alta Mini RITE Hearing Aid

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Alta is an family of hearing aids Oticon calls its finest. This particular Alta is a RITE, with the slim tube fitting it suits a person with good dexterity therefore receives a 2 thumbs up rating. Alta comes in a wide range of styles and colours. Alta has a number of fantastic features: Speech Guard E makes it easier for you to pin-point voices, select which speaker you want to listen to and to engage in conversation. Spatial Sound Premium helps you organise sounds to create an awareness of the world around you and prioritise the sounds you wish to focus on, including speech. Focus your hearing on what is important with directionality. Alta features five different focus modes, which ensure that you have the best possible speech understanding with the least effort required. Oticon’s advanced Feedback Shield gives freedom from whistling and artificial sounds. The Feedback Shield efficiently prevents howling, even in difficult situations, without compromising the sound quality or level of sound. In all weathers, in all situations, Alta is designed to never let you down. The intelligent mechanical design features several seals to prevent water, dust and debris from getting inside. And all key components are nano-coated to repel water and moisture.

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Mini RTE
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Behind the ear (BTE)
Micro behind the ear (MBTE)
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mild to severe
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receiver in ear
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specific noise reduction program
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FM Compatible
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Your hearing aid will need regular servicing generally every 6 months by your hearing care professional.