Bernafon CN9 Chronos Nano BTE Hearing Aid

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The Bernafon Chronos CN9 is a behind the ear hearing aid, which uses the highest technology level in the Chronos family

This hearing aid is provided with Bernafon's ChannelFree technology which means that the hearing aid does not have a specific number of channels it will continuously adjust the gain of the hearing aid. 

With an Environment Optimiser the hearing aid aims to provide more specific listening quality in different environments. CN9 also provides Bernafon's True Directionality which replicates a behaviour similar to the Pina for BTE hearing aid users. 

All Chronos hearing aids come with the option of a Bernafon Spira Flex thin tube and dome or a conventional ear hook and mould depending on the hearing loss of the hearing aid user.


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Hearing Aid Family: 
Hearing Aid Model: 
Nano BTE
Hearing Aid Year of Manufacture: 
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Hearing Aid Feedback Management System: 
adaptive feedback canceller plus
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Hearing Aid Shape: 
Behind the ear (BTE)
Hearing Aid Hearing Loss Range: 
mild to severe
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Hearing Aid Ear Fitting: 
custom ear mould
open fitting
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Hearing Aid Extra Features: 
specific noise reduction program
Reduce wind noise
Volume Control

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On average it takes ten years for people to address their hearing loss