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In 2017 there are many different hearing aids available, each with its own specific features and a well thought out design that has been programmed to meet your hearing needs. Whether you have an NHS hearing aid or have privately bought one, currently what the internet is lacking are the voices of people who use hearing aids or work with them daily. In my experience each hearing aid has its little "qwirks" that only a user can tell you.

There are also recommendations that only a hearing aid specialist that work with hearing aids day in day out can tell you about patterns and consistant behaviours noted from one client to the next who is given the same hearing aid and why it may have broken and what extra care methods you may need with that particular model of hearing aid compared to the last that you had.


We run a free website, which will continue to be free. There is no bias to one type of hearing aid, a particular manufacturer, NHS or private. We would rather YOU made up your own mind to decide what is best for you. We would however love to hear your experiences with NHS and private hearing aids and for those happy, satisfied, very happy or unhappy with their hearing aid to speak out as to why.


Why should I take the time to do a hearing aid review as a hearing aid user? 

  • You will be providing an unbiased user experience of how the hearing aid has performed for you
  • Your review could give someone who is hard of hearing the courage to go and get their hearing checked 
  • Your review could provde someone with the encouragement to upgrade their hearing aid when they are very worried about the change it will make
  • It will help others to way up the pros and cons of a hearing aid they were considering
  • If you are pleased with your hearing aid provided by the NHS, it allows you to support your NHS and prove that NHS only fit digital hearing aids not analogue anymore. 
  • Help others learn from your experiences

Why should I take the time to do a hearing aid review as a hearing aid audiologist or dispenser?

  • You will be providing knowledgable information about the hearing aid that someone may have been looking for online but could not find
  • You can provide technical information about the hearing aid
  • You review may give 
  • Your review could give someone who is hard of hearing the courage to go and get their hearing checked 

How do I go about leaving a review?

Firstly you will need to be registered on our website, this is free and involves you clicking the wood "Register" on the front page


You will then be asked to register and make a username and password and enter your email address (we do not ask for personal details such as your name, address and date of birth and your email address will not be given to a third party)




Once completed you should recieve a confirmation email, click through to confirm and then you are ready to review. 

To review you will need to go to the page of the hearing aid you wish to review, at the bottom you will find:



Click how many stars you feel the hearing aid deserves and write about it in the comment box, click save at the bottom and your done!

THANK YOU for taking the time to write a review. It will help many people for years to come. That is your good deed for the day, go have a lovely cup of tea! 

Latest Hearing Aid Reviews

  • What time can new batteries be collected from Weymouth hospital?


    Review by: Nicola
    Hearing Aid Rating:
    No votes yet
  • Not getting on very well with this new hearing aid. Difficult to put in place. very fiddly-need both hands. I don't like the "extra" piece of wire that needs to be wound into the ear apparently to make removal easier.  It has fallen out twice within the first 2 weeks because when I put glasses on they dislodge it. It has to be pushed so far into the ear drum to make it anywhere near effective. It causes awful irritation to the extent that when I remove it I feel I need to push something sharp into my ear to scratch.

    Review by: Jan B
    Hearing Aid Rating:
    No votes yet
  • Unknowingly my hearing way not great in the higher tones which showed in my hearing test. I was recommended this hearing aid and it has helped a lot.

    Review by: blueshoe
    Hearing Aid Rating:
    Average: 9 (1 vote)
  • Had for a while now has been OK, Need an upgrade. Not easiest to get batteries out.

    Review by: collidave
    Hearing Aid Rating:
    Average: 6 (1 vote)
  • Its slimmer than previous hearing aids I have had. I like that you only need to press the program button on one hearing aid for both my hearing aids to go on the T loop. Not tried with mobile phone yet

    Review by: lilyonline
    Hearing Aid Rating:
    Average: 8 (1 vote)
  • These have the best sound quality that I have ever experienced from hearing aids! I have one in each ear. They are not invisible but personally I really like the sleek design, makes me feel I am keeping up with technology.

    Review by: 123terry
    Hearing Aid Rating:
    Average: 10 (1 vote)
  • I have recently been upgraded from this hearing aid. It served me well for a number of years, I got from my local audiology department. What I did not like about it was the volume control switch had no numbers to tell you what volume you were at and the actual switch fell off twice needing replacing.

    Review by: BarryTirmer
    Hearing Aid Rating:
    Average: 7 (1 vote)

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