Siemens Hearing Aids

Signia is a brand name given by the Sivantos group that purchased Siemens in 2014, The Sivantos Group are slowly moving away from the Siemens name and transitioning to Signia. Siemens hearing aids was established in Germany in 1913. Top facts about Signia: +As siemens, they were one of the first to make electronically amplified hearing aids starting back in 1913 where they were large and very bulky +Supply one in every four hearing aids worldwide +Previously as Siemens, they took a forefront stage at the beginning of digital hearing aids within the NHS, with aids such as the Prisma 2M and Reflex M All hearing aids made by Signia (previously Siemens)
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Quick Tips

If your loop system on your hearing aid doesn't seem to be working, check the building you are in has it switched on.