Best Ear and Head Protection for Boxing

How does Boxing affect your ears

Boxing is the only sport where the objective is to render your opponent incapacitatied using blows to the head or body. Due to this particular nature is is inevitable certain parts of the body will get damaged and can leave long lasting damage.

Cauliflower Ear

A common sight in Boxing is what is known as Cauliflower ear, this is a deformity of the outer ear that has developed over time. It will appear swollen and inflammed. When the cartilage of the ear is injured by trauma to the ear, the blood supply from the skin is disrupted often causing a hematoma, a pocket of blood, as the injury heals the skin folds in on itself becoming more pale and giving a cauliflower appearance hence then name.



Ear drum Rupture

The force of a hard knock to the ear has the potentail to cause a rupture to the ear drum, resulting in pain, pontential infection, tinnitus and hearing loss. 

Tips for Boxers To Protect Your Ears

  • The best way to protect your ears is by using head gear. In 2013 The International Amatuer Boxing Assosiation banned the use of head gear among male amatuer boxers with the idea that you are more likely to protect your head if your head is exposed. Instead the use of Cavilon Barrier Cream can be used however according to the guidelines (see pdf attached the ear is not an area of exposure). With these specifics only related to male amatuer boxing. It is still recommended to wear head gear in all other boxing activities.
  • Make sure the head guard you use is correctly fitted, if too loose or too tight this could also cause injury to your ears.
  • Seek a Doctors opinion if a Cauliflower ear has developed no matter how superficial it looks
  • Trauma to the ear via sport is becoming more and more common be aware of the risks and prevention methods and help share prevention methods with other players

Wearing a headguard or headgear can be a controversial topic in boxing, in the 2016 Olympics, headgear was banned. It was suggested that when wearing headgear the chances of concussion could be higher. There is an element of when wearing headguards and headgear that a boxer may feel safer and less vulnerable making them want to attack harder and more often than they would given they were not wearing headgear. There is also the element that by wearing a headguard you are increasing your size and surface area making it easier for someone to hit you however there are a few additional things to think about. By increasing your head size by using headgear you are also making your head more compact and less obtrusive with yours ears now neatly tucked in. You still have the chance of getting concussion while using a headguard but the question is to think about your limits while using one and not to push them. There is the chance of head injury but by using a headguard you are adding an effective amount of padding around key points of your head such as your temple, forehead, cheekbones, chin and ears which act as an impact absorber reducing the amount of force and therefore the amount of damage done to you on a temporary and permanent level.

It is important for your headguard to be effective that you obtain the correct size headguard for you. This is done by measuring the distance around the whole of your head at the widest point (just above the ears) and check the size guide provided when buying the headguard.

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The Everlast Durahide Headgear made from premium synthetic leather that comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. This headguard is designed to fully protect crucial damage points of your face such as your jaw, chin, temple, cheeks and obviously your ears. Its aim is to provide wide peripheral vision while keeping your head snug and compact.

The headguard is secured at the back where there is are two large velco plates to fix together. Inside the thik amount of padding your head will actually sit in a breathable anti-microbial lining to prevent your head from burning up while being surrounded by such protection.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headguard

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The Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear comes in one size and several colour choices. It is made from a skintax leather exterior and a triple density contoured foam interior to reduce impact of cranial trauma. It also helps protect most of your head from abrahsions which are common in boxing. Even to the underneath of your chin there is some support and protection and this is quite a vulnerable area for the head normally. This is a very sleek looking headguard with fierce looking patterns, the venum snake logo, and its overall shape.

There is a two strap system, making it a one size fits all. It is a little tricky at first to put on so if you have someone to help you in the beginner it will take less time. So you firstly strap the middle plate to the left then the right plate ontop of the left, allowing you to make it as snug as possible. Depending on how big your head is the only point that may feel loose is around your chin as it doesn't use a chin strap it uses more protection instead. That being said this is a very secure piece of headgear that isn't goign anywhere.

Make sure when tightening your headgear up that your ears are fully in to the lining to match up with the ear pockets. This headguard has substantial ear thickened protection either size so you want to be making the most out of this headgear. Getting into the helmet you will straight away notice how comfortable it really is especially around the cheek bones. It is ultra light as boxing headguards go and due to the particular materials used makes it easy to clean.

Ultrasport Headgear

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The Ultrasport Full Face Headguard is all about protection but at a suprisingly affordable price. The headguard is made from a high quality polyurethane which is strong yet flexible. It is sewn together with a heavy duty seem. At the back you will find a three way velcro system and lace up fastener to tighten firmly to your head.  This headguard has been designed to soften the blow of punches and kicks to the forehead, temples, cheekbones, chin and ears. It also features a well padded area to the back of the head which many headguards do not generally cover.

Your ears in this headguard are fully protected around the rim aslong as the headguard fits your correctly and doesn't move out of place. The large opening to the ear means you avoid unpleasant pressure to the ears and hear what is being said to them.


Quick Tips

On average it takes ten years for people to address their hearing loss