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Vi is a voice activated AI personal trainer​ ​that​ ​coaches​ ​and motivates ​​​you through bio-sensing headphones​ ​engineered for optimum sound by Harman Kardon​​. ​

Vi tracks and measures multiple elements of your workout to provide accurate real-time feedback and​ ​coaching to​​ ​help you to achieve real results (i.e. weight loss, running/cycling improvements, and more).  Vi also comes with the option to itegrate companion mobile apps such Apple Health, Google Fit, Spotify, and Strava.

Vi currently includes support for indoor/outdoor Walking, Jogging, Running, Sprinting, HIIT Runs and Cycling. Our supported activities will continue expanding every few months.

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Fitness Tracking
Health Monitoring
Music Player

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If you experience tinnitus the first person to talk to is your GP.