Why You Should Download Your Hearing Aid User Guide

When you receive your new hearing aid it can be a bit daunting. Along with your hearing aid you will be given a hearing aid user guide. We shall look at what information you get from your hearing aid user guide and why its helpful to both download your hearing aid user guide and favourite your hearing aid user guide internet page.  

You can do that right here at Your Hearing Helper, find your hearing aid user guide using our find a guide tool and save it to your computer, phone and remember to bookmark the page too.

Inside your hearing aid user guide you'll intially get a small introduction on your hearing aid. There is sometimes a little about what to expect from your new hearing aid and possible limitations. As most electronic devices you'll have at least one page of hazard warnings about the hearing aid, for example the small parts to the hearing aid and being careful around small children and that the hearing aid is only for the use of the intended user. 

There will be a pictorial diagram that will introduce you to the individal important parts of the hearing aid. This will include highlighting where the micrphones are, the push button, volume control and where the battery goes in or where it connects to the recharging device.  Some hearing aid user guides will have multiple images if the user guide covers slightly varying models. There also may have extra images if the hearing aid has both mould and open fittng options. 

hearing aid user guide sections

The user guide will give you information on how to insert the hearing aid, the diagram is generally quite small and if you have difficulty with inserting the hearing aid into your ear, you'll be able to get more information from your audiologist or hearing specialists and they are more than happy to help guide you through this. 

Batteries are an important topic of your hearing aid's user guide. Whether your hearing aid requires a size 13, size 10, size 675 or size 312 battery. How you insert the batteries and remove them. Is the battery draw tamperproof or does it also act as the on and off function of your hearing aid. Alternatively it will talk about how you go about charging your hearing aid if it is a rechargeable hearing aid

If your hearing aid has been programmed with a number of different settings such as a noise reduction program or a telecoil then it will usually be written down in a small box similar to the one below. The program setting will correspond to a number of beeps you hear in your ear. Sometimes this box might be blank or does not exist at all in the book therefore if you are unsure of what settings you have been issued you can find out from your hearing centre that fitted your hearing aid. 

hearing aid settings

If the hearing aid has an IP water and dust rating, it will usually talk about what type of outdoor or water activities the hearing aid can withstand. If your hearing aid has the option for any wireless attachement such as a remote, or direct input or FM compatible devices, this will be mentioned briefly in the user guide. You will be able to find out more about these devices from their own user guides or app information. 

Right at the end of the user guide you will have a section about "Trouble Shooting" this will help to diagnose simple problems. They are normally noted down as symptoms and it will give you potential causes. This is a helpful section which allows you to understand issues that can occur that you can possibly solve yourself such as why there is no sound coming out of the hearing aid, if the sound is very quiet or if the hearing aid is whistling. Sometimes it might not be a situation you can fix yourself and you will need to contact your hearing centre. 

On our website you should be able to find the user guide to your hearing aid (if you can't find yours, please let us know). We recommend that you download your user guide or even just mark it as a favourite web page to find quickly in the future. Here are some of the wonderful reasons why.

Benefits of an Online Hearing Aid User Guide: 

  • Portable access to your hearing aid user guide via your mobile phone, tablet or computer while on holiday, away for the weekend or with family.
  • Provides you with a backup in case you loose your paper version
  • The print can be made larger by zooming into the page which is particularly helpful if you have difficulty reading up close or small print.  
  • You can print out multiple copies
  • Less waste, as you will not need to go get another paper one
  • You can send the website link to a friend or family member who is struggling with their hearing aid
  • If you are looking for a specific topic on your hearing aid you can use "Ctrl" and "F" to quickly search what you need to know without having to search through the booklet yourself
  • If you need to print out just one page of your user guide, you have the option to do that.
  • It cannot be eaten by your dog or left on the bus
  • It can be viewed discreetly

Quick Tips

If you are registered deaf or are a hearing aid user you qualify for a disabled persons railcard