New Year's Resolutions To Look After Your Ears Better in 2020

Think About Your Environment

There are a number of factors when it comes to hearing loss, this can include hereditary, age related, via illness or environment exposure. The environment has a large impact on your hearing, from noise to pressure to chemical exposure. The environment your ears find themselves in is one factor that you can control in 2020. We are not saying you should stay in a quiet world this coming year but to be aware what can and cannot damage your hearing. If you are attending music or live concerts look to wearing ear protection, if you work in an environment which you are concerned is impacting your hearing, discuss with your manager. 

Know Your Hearing Levels

Being aware of your hearing levels means that you are the first to know if there is a problem. If you have been concerned about your hearing, make 2020 the year you do something about it. Visit your doctor and they will be able to refer you for a hearing assessment. If you however are more curious than concerned there are a number of centres across the UK where you can book a hearing test

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

There are many organisations across the UK available for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing, organisations such as Action on Hearing Loss and Hearing Link are fantastic at answering your quesitons regarding hearing. Organised group sessions where you can chat to other people who also have a hearing loss allows for informal conversation on hearing related matters.  

Learn A Little Lipreading

Lipreading is a particularly useful skill, we all lipread to some extent and learning to lipread a little more means you rely not only on verbal speech for communication but you are improving your awareness of non verbal communication. This has many benefits whether just communicating in noisy enviroments, taking with friends or learning a skill that could help you greatly in the future. There are many elements to lipreading from mouth shape, speed of production to the context of facial expression. Contact your local doctors surgery or audiology department to find out about lip reading classes in your local area.

Practice With Your Hearing Aid

If you are in possesion of a hearing aid but yet can't quite call yourself a hearing aid user. Then what your ears need from you in 2020 is hearing aid practice. It is rare for a person to click straight away with their hearing aid, it takes time. Little and often with increasing build up of use. At first it may seem loud, strange, feel different. However the more you practice using your hearing aid from the simple motions of taking it in and out of your ear and continuing on with your daily activities with the hearing aid in means your brain can accept and adapt to the new sound. You will soon find something that seemed unusual actually brings you joy from the very fact you can hear the melody in your favourite song clearly or your grandchild whispering you a secret. Make 2020 the year you'll not allow yourself to miss out such moments.

Quick Tips

If your loop system on your hearing aid doesn't seem to be working, check the building you are in has it switched on.