Lost Your Hearing Aid ? What To Do If Your Hearing Aid Falls Out

It can be just one moment, a small accident, not quite getting your hearing aid in right can mean your hearing aid falls out.

In today's current lifestyle co-existing with the coronavirus means that wearing a face mask is another reason your hearing aid might fall out when you go to take your mask off. So here we look at what you should do if your hearing aid falls out of your ear.

If Your Hearing Aid Falls Out, Don't Panic

First thing to do is to take a deep breath and don't panic. Whether it's just fallen out or it happened earlier without realising, just give yourself a moment.

What Does It look like

Remind yourself with what you are looking for, what does your hearing aid look like and are there any visual markers that might make it more obvious to see when finding it?

Does it have a Find My Hearing Aid Setting

Does your hearing aid have a "Find My Hearing Aid Function"? Now this is quite a rare and unique feature but is a setting on some hearing aids such as the Starkey Livio and Starkey Livio AL.

Is It In A Pocket

Check yourself before going anywhere. It can be the case that the hearing aid has been scooped up in your hat, your scarf or has slid down a jacket or top, so check the hearing aid is still not on you somewhere.

Order Your Approach

Be systematic about your search, don't wander away from where you suddenly realised it is missing, it might be near by.

Where Did You Last Use It

Think about your recent hearing aid use.  Where were your last chatting with people and was your hearing aid in at that point? Do you remember hearing a beautiful bird song a few minutes ago through your hearing aid that you wouldn't have heard without it? Did you recently make an adjustment of the volume control or change a program setting?

Check The Smallest of Gaps

Think about it's size, hearing aids are small and many are tiny which means it makes them harder to find, so make sure to check even the smallest and narrowest of spaces that it could have slid into.

Check Cluttered Spaces

If it is inside check in particular spots that are cluttered as your hearing aid could easily get mixed in with other items such as your childrens toys. Look under and around large items of furniture. Your hearing aid is pretty light and its shape can allow it to end up down the side of a sofa.

Expand The Search Wider Slowly

If it doesn't turn up in the spot that you thought you lost it, expand your search just a little wider. If still no success, look at places you know you have lost items such as your hearing aid or items of a similar size and shape such as your keys before.

Check Out Lost & Found And Reception Desks

If you're out and about see if it has been handed into a "lost and found" or anywhere you have recently popped into such as a restaurant, train station or supermarket it is worth checking at customer services or reception.

Is It At Home

Check back at home, that it didn't come out before you left the house.

All Else Fails

If all else fails then get in contact while your audiology department or hearing aid dispenser about replacing it. This will often need a new ear mould being made so could take two weeks to be refitted with a replacement so once it is lost don't delay getting in contact with them. There also may be a charge to account for the replacement hearing aid depending on where you got your hearing aid from.

Quick Tips

To hear with a hearing aid on the phone, hold the telephone near the hearing aid microphone, if you have a behind the ear hearing aid this will be behind your ear.