How to Keep Your Ears Warm and Happy Through Winter

We all know wrapping up warm is an essential part of getting through the winter weather. For our extremities such as our fingers and toes this is important in the prevention and management of frost bite or raynards disease. Extremities also means our nose, lips and ears. You may find your nose starts running, your lips get dry or you experience pain into your ear canal, why is this? this is your body's response to the cold.

During cold weather, it takes much longer for blood to circulate to the extremities of your body as your body prioritises keeping your core warm and conserve body heat and energy. This also ensures blood continues to circulate to the vital organs of the body. How can we make sure we are keeping our ears happy and warm during Winter?


Wear a Thermal Hat

Wearing a warm thermal hat not only helps to keep your head warm but enables you to keep your ears warm and protect them from the elements. Choose a hat with practical ability inparticular natural breathable fibres or fleece materials.

A hat that isn't too tight or too loose and fits well will keep your head and ears warmer for longer.


Don't Leave the House with Wet Hair

Essentially an old wives tale, however with wet hair. you are more likely to feel the cold more. Wet hair around your ears exposes your ears to moisture that can easily make them much colder.


Remove Earrings

Metal earrings in the ear lobe act as a conductor and with the outside temperature being cold this will transfer to the ear lobe, making your ears feel cold.


Use Ear Muffs When Listening to Music Outdoors

If you enjoy listening to music outdoors while running or exercising using specifically designed ear muff head phones will allow you to keep your ears warm while still doing what you enjoy.

Another good option is a buff or elasticated headband that also covers the ears.


Invest in a High Quality Rain Coat

Investing in a high quality rain coat with a hood will prevent cold weather and rain from running into your ears when it starts to pour down. Look for a raincoat with at least a 5,000mm waterproof rating.


Keeping a Healthy Diet

Keeping a healthy diet means you are keeping your cholestrol at a healthy level and maintaining good blood circulation to all parts of the body such as your extremities including your ears.

Quick Tips

On average it takes ten years for people to address their hearing loss