How to Get Your Hearing Aid Repaired During Current Lockdown

With the UK iockdown due to Covid 19, face to face services have closed across audiology departments around the country to prevent the spread of the disease. If your hearing aid is not broken but is due for its hearing aid service then the best thing to do is to wait till everything settles down and the lockdown has been lifted. If however you do have a query about your hearing aid it is a good idea to think of the following steps.

Check Out Your Audiology Depmartment Online

If you are concerned about your hearing aid not working or it is time for yor hearing aid service. You will need to get in contact with your Audiology department. Before giving them a ring, due to the number of calls they may experience at this current time. Check to see if they have a website as they may have updated their current situation and what they are doing on there in regards hearing aid repairs and hearing aid batteries. There may be links to hearing aid documents specifically for your hearing aid set up on their website that might help.


Buy Hearing Aid Batteries Online If You Can

If you are in the position to do so and are tech savvy at using the internet then it could be worth you buying your next supply of hearing aid batteries online during the current Corvid 19 pandemic. This will enable NHS audiology departments to focus on sending out batteries to those who do not have the internet or ability to get hold of them.

Do a little Troubleshooting

The reason your hearing aid isn't working may be something quite simple such as a blockage in the hearing aid tubing, a dud battery or the hearing aid not quite in. Therefore make youself a cup of tea, grab your hearing aid user guide and flip to the back of the guide where you will find a troubleshooting section for your hearing aid. If you can't find your hearing aid user guide. Have a look to find it on our website resource here:

Check Out Some Fantastic Online Hearing Aid Tutorials

You'll be suprised as what the internet has to offer when it comes to helping you understand your hearing aid a little more and what might be wrong with it. One particular resource is C2Hear. This is a website that contains clear and informative interactive multimedia videos designed to improve the lives of new hearing-aid users. From videos to animations and photos.  The website has been co-designed with hearing-aid users, members of the public and audiologists. Check out the website called here:

Postal Hearing Aid Services

If you have had a look at your hearing aid for any obvious problems and it still doesn't seem right, your NHS audiology department may be providing a postal service. Take a look on their website, if you cannot see any details there and you are worried about your hearing aid give them a ring or email them. Their details should be on their website or in the leaflets that came with your hearing aid.  How the postal service is run will differ from county to county so its best to communicate with them first before sending it in.

Quick Tips

Each hearing aid always comes with a user guide, if you have lost your user guide check out our user guide section to download it.