Hearing Aids with Tap Ear Control

Tap control is quite a new function for hearing aids and it involves being able to tap your ear rather than the hearing aid. The ability to use tap control adds an extra simplicity to the use of your hearing aid. There is no need to try to find the button just simply double-tapping any point of your outer ear "Pinna" will activate the controls. Tap control has already been introduced with some electronic devices and means easier use of your hearing aid if you get one with this feature.

Phonak Audeo Paradise P-R & Phonak Audeo Paradise P-RT Hearing Aids

Both the Phonak Audeo Paradise P-R and P-RT have tap control, are rechargeable hearing aids and can also be paired with two Bluetooth devices at the same time allowing for audio streaming possibilities.

The ability to tap control is often set as a default with these hearing aids.

 The tap control on the Paradise P-R & P-RT hearing aid's allows you to accept and end phone calls, pause or resume audio streaming and access the voice assistant that is paired via Bluetooth with your smartphone.

It makes for discreet and ease of use.

How Does Tap Control Work on a Hearing Aid

The tap control function works by using a built-in sensor within the hearing aid that detects the double tap and therefore activates one of three actions via a Bluetooth device:

1) accept/end hands-free phonecalls

2) pause/resume audio streaming from a connected Bluetooth device

3) access voice assistant from a connected Bluetooth device


Using the myPhonak app you can adjust what action you would like the hearing aid to take when applying the double-tap. You can also adjust the right and left hearing aid to respond differently.

Image taken from the myPhonak app user guide

A study conducted at Aurora Operations and Distributions Center Sonova US found that with thirteen first-time users and showed that twice as many of the participants preferred the Tap Control function compared to an alternative method for controlling direct streaming.

As well as nine out of the thirteen indicated that they found the Tap Control function as either "very reliable" or "reliable", The sensitivity of the Tap Control was rated as “too unresponsive” by 38% of the participants, “just right” by 54% and “too responsive” by 8%you can read more about the study here: Hearing Aid Tap Feature Study

Starkey Livio Al Hearing Aids With Tap Control

The Livio AI hearing aids from Starkey has many great features that make it a health able activity tracker with sensors and artificial intelligence. One of the benefits of having sensors within the hearing aid is the ability of the tap control function. This allows for audio streaming to be started or stopped by simply double-tapping their ear.  This function works great for pausing live streaming of your TV through your hearing aid to be able to chat with someone.

You can use it via the TV or remote and microphone. Also, it is particularly easy to set up via the Starkey Thrive App. Press through to the device settings, then to "Tap Gesture". A slider will allow you to activate this setting. You also have to option to choose a different option for your right or left ear hearing aid. You can also set it to activate the Thrive Assistant, this means it triggers a voice assistant within the app to ask any questions about how something works in regards to your hearing aid or the app.


                    Image is taken from the StarkeyThivr App Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h01aQYoMKdE


Starkey Edge AI Hearing Aids With Tap Control

The Starkey edge AI hearing aids are their 2020 latest hearing aid family and come with new improved features. When you access the Tap Gesture option in the Starkey Thrive app there is also the option for "Edge Mode" on a double-tap on the ear. The edge mode instantly analyses the environment you are in and adjusts accordingly.


Image from the Starkey Thrive app tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h01aQYoMKdE

Quick Tips

If your loop system on your hearing aid doesn't seem to be working, check the building you are in has it switched on.