Deaf and Hard of Hearing Badges, Should You Wear One

A badge that says whether you or Deaf or Hard of Hearing and asking people to speak clearly is a helpful reminder to people around you. It may be that most of the time when you are out it is not needed but you might find that for some people this really provides an extra reminder for deaf awareness.

During the Covid 10 Lockdown it might be that you are only interacting with check out operators and supermarket staff when doing your weekly shop but with more and more people wearing masks, wearing a badge could provide you with that extra bit of confidence that you need for people to be aware.

With the two metre distance rule currently in place it will be difficult for passers by to see the badge therefore only people you are stopping to talk too will even see the badge. Many Deaf and Hard of Hearing badges are not brightly coloured and don't stick out well so you might find yourself having to point at the badge occasionally if you can't hear but this may make you feel less on show when in a queue of people.

There are a number of badges out there. In particular, Hearing Link provide badges specifically for encouraging people to "speak more clearly". They also produce a badge that has two little bears of it, with the worlds "Please bear with me I have a hearing loss", all these badges come in a blue and white style design and cost about £2 a badge.



Etsy is another great source to find a badge. The one below features a design from Millow and Molly, its slighly cartoon like design makes it feel almost like a fun badge too. Millow and Molly have a wide variety of different style designs which allows you find one you really like.


Deaf and Hard of Hearing badges are small, they are discreet and easy to pop on and off your clothes when you go out. They are also a small expense that helps provide a simple nudge in the right direction for people around you.

Quick Tips

Your hearing aid will need regular servicing generally every 6 months by your hearing care professional.