Can You Wear Hearing Aids On A Plane?

At the airport you should be able to access a loop system, public text or amplified phones. As someone who is deaf or hard of hearing when checking in it is a good idea to tell your airline of your needs as you may not be able to hear the announcements over the tannoy and safety demonstrations. It is also then important to state this again to the airline staff as you get onto the plane.

If you have a hearing dog they should be allowed to travel with you in the cabin but again it is worth making sure your airline are aware and have agreed this before you travel. Your hearing dog will also need to have their passport and vaccinations up to date. 

Some airlines have now put in place a restriction on certain electronic devices and batteries not being allowed into the cabin. In terms of hearing aid batteries; if you are most likely wearing your hearing aids while checking in there should not be any problem as it seems to apply to additional batteries and even if the hearing aid batteries are looked at in a little more detail this will be to check that they are not lithium. Most hearing aid batteries are zinc air batteries. For more details check with your airline for restrictions. 

If your hearing aid has bluetooth or any ability to connect wirelessly to your smart phone it is recommened that you disable this ability for your flight and essentially put your hearing aid into flight mode. 

"Essentially put your hearing aid into flight mode"

When it comes to the plane taking off, to allow for full ease of equalisation it is best to take your hearing aids out. Then once you are at a constant height pop your hearing aids back in so that you can enjoy conversations with family or potential new friends. If there is the option to watch travel movies, ideally there should be films available with either subtitles or be provided with headphones that can work with your hearing aid. Sadly there is nothing enforcing this as airlines do not need to provide in flight entertainment. If you find it hard to sleep on your flight I would recommend bringing your own source of entertainment such as an Ipad/tablet or small dvd player to watch films on that you know have subtitles on, or a engrossing book to read or activity magazine/book. 


Quick Tips

Two hearing aids? Left has blue marker and right has red marker, remember red for right.