Best Speech to Text Apps for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

What are Speech to Text Apps

Simply put speech to text applications turn spoken words into written words. For many years speech to text applications would be used on desktop computers to be able to dictate notes quickly, especially used by health professionals and students.

Now in the era of smart phones and mobile phone applications "apps" there is a whole new world of speech to text apps. There are a number of these applications now that have been made with Deaf and hard of hearing people in mind so that they can be used in real time situations whether its in pulbic places, at an appointment or even just chatitng with new friends.

What Are The Best Speech to Text Apps for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People?

We investigate what are the best speech to text apps that are available for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People in 2020, are they easy to use and do they offer multiple uses and how well do they perform?


Hearing Helper - Live Captions (4.7/5)

  • Speech to text app designed for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people
  • Not free of charge
  • Records what you want it to record

This speech to text app is simple to use, which is key with such apps. All you need to do is simply press and hold the microphone to record speech with Apple's Siri technology and this will translate this into written words, you can even quickly tap edit any words it translates incorrectly. This app only works when the button is pressed and the red record button is on which means you only get what you recorded, making it great for back and fore conversations. You even have the option to change how large the text appears and the largest it will appear at is 100pts. This only works on iOS apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It does cost $2.99 to use but you do get a simple and reliable speech to text app.


Ava    (4.5 /5)

  • Speech to text app designed for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people
  • Free of charge
  • Perfect for group chats
  • Performs quickly
  • Transcripts can be saved to read later

Ava is a speedy speech to text app once everyone who is chatting has downloaded and joined the chat group. Simply speak claerly into the smart phone microphone. The app is free but you will need internet. Tap the microphone icon once the microphone is blue it is now on. If you having a group conversation, if you share an Ava code with other people chatting within the group, you'll soon see all participants in the group conversation in the top of the banner above the text box. Every speaker will be allocated a different colour for ease of understanding who is talking. Ava also provides with the ability to type into the text box, press return and Ava will verbally speak what has been said, meaning the app will work both ways. It also allows you to save the transcript so you can review them later if you missed something that was being talked about.


Google Live Transcribe (4.2/5)

  • Speech to text app designed for Deaf and hard of hearing people
  • Free of charge
  • Works in real time
  • Can be used for group conferencing calls
  • Recognises non-verbal sounds such as dogs barking
  • Transcripts can be copied in segments

The Google Live Transcribe app enables you to participate in video calls with spoken text that is picked up using the phone microphone being delivered to your mobile phone.  The app also recognises non-verbal sounds such as a dog barking and will include this in the transcript. This app is free of charge but you will need Android and the internet for this and can be particularly useful for conferencing calls. You can copy the transcripts of the conversations but you can only do this in segments at a time.


Roger Voice (4.2/5)

  • Speech to text app designed for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people
  • Free of charge
  • Runs in the background of conversations
  • Can be used in real-time and on phone calls

Roger voice is a speech to text app that you can have running in the backgrond of your phone calls. What it will do is provide you with a real-time transcription of the conversation being had. It provides you with a clear and straightforward interface of communication. This app is free of charge but does require the internet. This app works much quicker than if you were to just write back and forth to one another.


Text Hear (4/5)

  • Designed for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people
  • Free of charge
  • Great for 1-1 conversations
  • Easy to use

Text hear is a speech to text app that acts discreetly and records everything. Just press the micrphone button and away you go. The app is free of charge and also will add punctuation and gaps to help with being able to read and interpret what is being said. The app will also pause if there has been a gap of no speech for a little while. This app is idea for one on one conversations with friends, at reception counters or even over the phone.


Voxsci (3.5/5)

  • Speech to Text app designed for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People
  • Specifically for voicemails not real-time
  • Not free of charge

Vozsci is a speech to text app that has been designed with the sole purple to translate voicemail messages into texts or emails that can be saved. This does cost you a monthy fee to use but this allows translating up to 30 voicemails a month and can be used on a Desktop which allows you to link it to your work or home phone or download it  to your smart phone. You need either an Android or iOS Apple smart phone.


Earfy (3/5)

  • Designed for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people
  • Free of charge
  • Continuous streaming of conversation script
  • No mic button on /off

This speech to text app converts text in real time so that you can immediately read what is being said. There is no push button, captions appear continuosly on the screen similar to subtitles on the television. This app is available on both iOS apple and Android devices. The app is free of charge


You can find more informationa bout further apps designed to help people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing here:

Quick Tips

If you experience tinnitus the first person to talk to is your GP.