Are Your Ears Ready For Summer?


With the summer weather can come lots of sun exposure, more time in the water and time spent enjoying outdoor activities and concerts. Be prepared and when it comes to making sure your ears are ready for the summer months approaching your ear care can easily be overlooked.

Sun exposure

Don't forget to sun cream your ears! However much they protrude from your head they are susceptible to sunlight especially continually exposed parts such as the tops of your ears. Make covering your ears with sun cream or/and using a sun hat part of your daily routine in warm weather.

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Fun in the pool or sea

A favourite part of summer is cooling off in water. The sea temperature is now a little warmer for swimming and water activities. The warm weather makes for an enjoyable place to cool down in an outdoor pool or in the sea. A problem that can occur when in water is 'swimmers ear' this is when your ear has been left with water or moisture inside after you have left the water. This provides a suitable habitat for bacteria to grow. The best way around this to prevent your ears from getting wet altogether by using ear protection such as ear plugs and moulds (see our swimmers ear page for more detail). If getting in the water has been a spontaneous decision your next best thing is too thoroughly dry your outer ear afterwards.

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Noisy activities


Make sure you have your ear protection to hand if you are attending any music festivals over the summer. Place yourself away from the speakers and take breaks away from the music to give your ears a rest. Leaving your ears exposed to loud noise for extended periods of time can leave permanent hearing loss. Earplugs and Ear moulds are now your must needed fashion accessory for your Festival kit bag.


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Quick Tips

If you experience tinnitus the first person to talk to is your GP.