Hearing Aids with a "Find My Hearing Aid" Feature

We try to get in to good habits and leave our hearing aids, glasses, and other items in the same place each evening so that when we wake, we know exactly where they are.

But sometimes, things change, you remove an item or hearing aid for an unknown reason, and then misplace it. Here we look at the hearing aids and smartphone apps that can help you find your lost hearing aid.

To have the ability to locate a lost hearing aid with a "Find Your Hearing Aid Feature" you will need a smartphone that is able to install a particular app provided by the manufacturer of your hearing aid. Only certain smartphones will be compatible so it is worth bringing your phone with you to your hearing aid fitting and discussing it with your hearing aid provider to see whether the hearing aid is compatible with the app and with the right phone.

Find Your Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Livio AI and Starkey Livio AI have a "Find your Hearing Aids" feature. Not only do they have this feature but they also have a find your phone feature that will allow you to ring your phone if you can't find it. To use the find your hearing aids function open up the starkey thrive app and scroll down to the Find My Hearing Aids tab.


(Image above taken from the Starkey Thrive app tutorial which you can view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kss205-L2Pk)

BEYOND App Tutorial: Find my Hearing Aids


This will then open the Find My Hearing Aids section of the app. The map is is fairly vague but does show both your hearing aids and whether they are connected and will have a written location of the address that the hearing aids were last connected to the app. Below the map is a signal strength meter of which you can see how close you are to both hearing aids. This is great if you think you are close but don't know where they are within the building you're in.



  • Simple to use app
  • Clear map
  • Signal strength to hearing aids viewed at the bottom
  • The location of both hearing aids is viewed at the same time along with the signal strength
  • Able to view the map and signal strength at the same time
  • Whether they are connected is clear
  • The signal strength updates quickly


  • The map isn't particularly detailed
  • The map can't be viewed in satellite mode which gives you features and a photographic view point

We have added a table and list of Starkey Hearing aids that have the Find Your Hearing Aid Feature by connecting to the Starkey Thrive app:

Livio Ai Livio Edge are the family name and models with this find your hearing aids feature.

Find Your Oticon Hearing Aids

The Oticon hearing aids app allows discreet remote control of your hearing aids for adjustments of volume control and programs as well as a Find My Hearing Aids function.


If yo can't find your hearing aids, tap “Find my hearing aids” in the menu on the Oticon ON app and a map will appear. A map will show the last known location of the paired hearing aids when the app was working. Above the map is a proximity bar that indicates how close you are to each connected hearing aid. If the hearing aid is not connected to the app either from being out of range, battery dead or the connection is lost you will see the last date and time it was seen and at what location. It will be clearly marked with a X symbol at the top and a statement that says that particular hearing aid disconnected at the bottom. The proximity bar is a helpful tool for once close to your hearing aid.

(Above image from Oticon ON app guide page 23 You can find the Oticon ON app guide here https://wdh02.azureedge.net/-/media/oticon-us/main/download-center---myoticon---product-literature/opn-wireless-connectivity/ifu/220508us_ifu_oticon_on_app_2.pdf?la=en&rev=99FC&hash=0579383769D56168B602EE49ABA3865F)


  • It identified both hearing aid's seperately and gives a clear coloured symbol for the right and left hearing aid. It will locate them invidually but on the same map which is great.
  • The map is easy to read and scroll
  • Signal strength which is located at the top of the app can be used once closer
  • Has an average connected distance of 10 metres from phone


  • Yo do need to keep the app running in the background of your phone to be able for it to sync with your hearing aids and know where they are. This also means it will run your phone battery down more than if the app wasn't actively running.
  • The map doesn't have the option for satellite mode which would make finding it easier when the hearing aid is lost outside.
  • If you have an Apple phone you will need to make sure you pair the hearing aids with the app before commencing, whereas if you have an Android phone this is done automatically in the app.

Here is a list of Oticon Hearing aids that have the Find Your Hearing Aid Feature by connecting to the Oticon ON app:

Oticon Opn are the hearing aid family and models which have this find your hearing aid feature.

Find Your ReSound Hearing Aids


Open the app, location services must be enabled to use the find my hearing aid feature. Tap my resound in the lower right corner of the app and then in the menu tap the "Find my hearing aid" under the HEARING AID heading.

(Image from the ReSound Smart App how to video which you can find here https://www.resound.com/en-gb/help/apps/smart-3d)

If the app loses connection, it is typically the connection between the hearing aids and the mobile device that has been lost. A small red badge on the CONNECTIVITY button will notify you that the connection is lost. Go to the Connectivity screen and tap the marked point of lost connection for guidance on how to reestablish connection.

This will then show you a map of where the hearing aids where, when last connected to the app. You can click on the hearing aids on the map to show the exact location this was. You can view the image as either map or satellite, with satellite making it easier when you lost your hearing aid outside. You will also be able to see the exact time that the app last connected with your hearing aids. Instead of showing as left and right if both hearing aids are in the same place you will see a "both" symbol.

Below the map it also shows you a signal strength in a bar for the left and right hearing aid. This is a great extra feature so that when you are close to your hearing aids for example once you have located that they are within your home, the signal strength will tell you when you are getting closer to them (the hearing aids will have to be on and connected to the app for this to work).





  • The map can be displayed as a map or satellite
  • The app is easy to use
  • When you get closer to your hearing aids it gives you a "signal strength" to locate them when you are near.


  • The bluetooth can be quite unstable which will involve you needing to turn off the bluetooth and turn back on
  • Can be slow to load

Here is a list of ReSound Hearing aids that have the Find Your Hearing Aid Feature by connecting to the ReSound Smart 3D or  ReSound Smart app:

ReSound ONE, ReSound ENZO Q, ReSound LiNX Quattro, ReSound ENZO 3D and ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids are family and model names with this feature and listed below.

Find Your Widex Hearing Aids

The BEYOND™ solution works with iPhones, iPads and iPod. You may also be able to find your hearing aids using an Apple Watch.

For compatibility https://global.widex.com/en/support/beyond-hearing-aid-app/compatibility


You may not have given permission to the app to access your location. Go to: Settings > scroll down to the BEYOND app > Location > select Always Or: You may have disabled Location Services altogether. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and enable Location Services.
Select the more menu from the home screen. Then select "find my hearing aids"  and then a map will show with the last location that the hearing aids were in communication reach with your phone. The app will give you an apporximate locaiton of your hearing aids. In the lower right corner there is a + and - sign that allows you to zoom further in or out of the map.
(Above image taken from the Widex Beyond Tutorial on how to Find Your Hearing Aids using the app, the tutorial can be watched here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kss205-L2Pk)
When you have visited the location on the map and know that you are close by to your hearing aids select the search button at the top of the screen which will then enter a more precise hearing aid finder locator. This search function enables you to search for both the right and left hearing aid individually by selecting either the right or left at the bottom of the screen. For this function to work you need to walk slowly and the circle around the hearing aid will be large or small depending on how far away it is. When you are very close and the circle around your hearing aid is it's smallest it is now indicating that your hearing aids are in that exact spot. 


  • The app is easy to use has clear symbols and directions
  • There is both a map and a closer search feature
  • The closer search feature allows you to focus on one hearing aid at a time
  • Has an average connected distance of 10 metres from phone


  • The map only comes up as satellite which can be harder to initially locate the building due to the location names not being as visible
  • The closer search feature doesn't give you the option to view both aids at the same time
  • Having the closer search on a different tab you could forget it's there when it is a excellent feature

Here is a list of Widex Hearing aids that have the Find Your Hearing Aid Feature by connecting to the Widex Beyond app:

Widex Beyond are the family and model names which have the find your hearing aid feature.

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